Theme: Black Magic Bastion, Demons, Vampires, Dark Magicians all call this city home, along with corrupted ley lines running all throughout the city Aspect: Black Magic Bastion Faces: Alexander Dumas, ?, ?, ?

Threat: Supernatural Expose, a group of mortals are trying to gather evidence and out the supernatural to the mundane world. Aspect: Cameras Around Every Corner Face: Richard Randi

Theme: White Council Foothold, one warden & her apprentice are trying to break ground here Aspect: Hold up in the Library Faces: Warden Donnelly and Toshizo

Supernatural Status Quo: Dark Powers are Deeply Entrenched.
Mundane Status Quo: Some Dirty some Pure, most mixed, People are just trying to Live.


McDonald’s: An opulent McDdonald’s in the financial district, with big booths, fancy food & Accorded Neutral Ground. Mostly patronized by the people who work in the district, it is also frequented by different factions looking for a peaceful meeting place, with a private back room and even more private underground meeting area. Aspect: We’re meeting were?! Face: Tim Conway

Faneuil Hall: A massive market place in Government Center, filled with shops, some very well hidden, a few “specialty” shops can only be found if you know who to ask or where to look. Aspect: You’d be amazed what you can find. Face: ?

Subway System: The Mass Transit system of Boston, the oldest subway system in the country, millions of people ride through every year. There are miles and miles of abandoned rail lines and stations under the city. With all that real estate abandoned by humanity who knows what’s moved in? Aspect: The Lines follow the lines. Face: Frank the Crazy Hobo

Abandoned Dry Dock: Tucked behind the Bank Of America Pavilion and in plain sight of Harpoon Brewery is a relic of Boston not many have ever seen. Complete with decaying cranes, ancient pump house, vandalized bathrooms and a 50 foot caisson holding back the ocean. This is one of Boston’s forgotten dry docks. Aspect: Magically Grounded Face: Richard Randi

China Town: The Center of Asian American life in New England, has somehow been able to maintain a supernatural independence from the dark powers in Boston. Whether this is from apathy on the part of the powers or not is unknown. Aspect: Contested Ground Face: Ti Lung

The Hanging Gardens: Part art gallery part botanical gardens, the summer court has a small presence (for now) in Boston and this is their place of power in the city. Aspect: So I understand you’re having a lovely time, I’ve got something to show you in the back room… Face: Tam Lin

Boston Public Library: The second largest library in the US is also the oldest with more 24 million books across all formats. Aspect: The Library of Last Recourse Face: Warden Donnelly

Long Island: An Island located in the middle of Boston Harbor, one guarded road in and out. Full of abandoned buildings; a hospital, movie theater, military base, along with an active homeless shelter. Aspect: You’re Not Supposed to be Here Face: ?


Black Magic Boston Horuke