Black Magic Boston

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Session :1

A demon kidnaps Damian’s son in revenge for Damien freeing a child sacrifice Damian had helped the demon to steal in the first place.

Damian contacted everyone he knew, and they went to the demons hideout and nearly killed Damian’s wife as the demon glamored his wife to look like him[the demon].

Arturo shattered the wife’s skull but Tiana managed to stabilize her.

Then a riot errupted in the financial district, security cameras at george’s building show one man standing around calmly as everyone else around him goes crazy

Session: 2

*Riot Investigated

*Prophecy received “The bloodied white knight seeks to steal the throne of the black king surrounded by ravening wolves.”

*Revealed Barrister was a black court vampire, White court trying to take over his turf

Session: 3

Arturo tried to assassinate Judas Barrister, the rest of the group joined in, Arturo died but managed his death curse and Judas Barrister fled once Warden Donnelly decided to intervene. Toshizo nearly broke the first law of magic; narrowly escaping execution at the hands of his master.

Months pass (as do the events of Small Favor) while Judas Barrister slipped in the Darkness and began a shadow war against George Wineland, Judas Barrister is also rumored to be making vampires; something no one can remeber him ever doing before. Tiana was disavowed from the summer court; who barrister has contacted the mercenary Octave Half-Ogre. Singh Rabas is killed and Arturo’s body desecrated and his head put on a pike. Harry Dresden is arriving in a few weeks to spread the news about the para-net.

Warden Donnelly has ordered Toshizo to look into the production of Third Eye; a street drug that gives people access to the sight.

The group goes to a rave; Meeting with an old friend: Percival Arthur Montegomery who was dj-ing. They buy some Third Eye, Percival Arthur Montegomery analyses it and determines it came from Long Island, the group infiltrates the hospital and discovers a hastily but long abandoned lab and a encoded journal, also a ghost. After Toshizo talks with it he determines that the resident was working for Judas Barrister but has struck out on her own. George Wineland tries in vain to exorcise the ghost.

Session: 4

The group translated the Journal discovering it was from a Warden of the White Council named Tiffany Ambrose. They went to Donnelly, she revealied that Tiffany was her former apprentice who had broken the 1st, 3rd & 4th laws of magic having followed her from Padang Sumatra to Boston.

The group went to another Rave, Damien accidentally ingested some Third Eye. Akira was seduced by a white court vampire named Anthony Raith; who had organized the Event, Anthony gave George his card.

Using their contacts with the Summer Fae, a party at the Gardens was organized and Raith was hired to plan it. They insisted on meeting with the “Supplier of recreational aides” who they interviewed and Akira followed him back to his home in Wellesley.

At the party Barrister introduced his newest employee Tiffany Ambrose.

As the party began to wind down, a winter fae made a violent entrance though he was quickly routed by the the group, Judas Barrister, Tam Lin and Alexander Dumas


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