Black Magic Boston

Session: 4

The group translated the Journal discovering it was from a Warden of the White Council named Tiffany Ambrose. They went to Donnelly, she revealied that Tiffany was her former apprentice who had broken the 1st, 3rd & 4th laws of magic having followed her from Padang Sumatra to Boston.

The group went to another Rave, Damien accidentally ingested some Third Eye. Akira was seduced by a white court vampire named Anthony Raith; who had organized the Event, Anthony gave George his card.

Using their contacts with the Summer Fae, a party at the Gardens was organized and Raith was hired to plan it. They insisted on meeting with the “Supplier of recreational aides” who they interviewed and Akira followed him back to his home in Wellesley.

At the party Barrister introduced his newest employee Tiffany Ambrose.

As the party began to wind down, a winter fae made a violent entrance though he was quickly routed by the the group, Judas Barrister, Tam Lin and Alexander Dumas



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